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"UPDATE on the two escaped prisoners. 

The two prisoners are Thomas Michael Lane III and Clifford E Opperud. Please share these photos with all your friends. Do not open your doors for strangers. Do not pick up hitch hikers. Call LPD if you see anything suspicious. Officers are currently searching the neighborhoods in the vicinity of the north end of town. You will see law enforcement in your neighborhood. PLEASE do not tweet or post the locations of our officers.

Thomas Michael Lane III

age 19

5’8” / 125 lbs

brown hair / brown eyes

Originally from Chardon Ohio

Clifford E Opperud

age 45

5’10” 175 lbs 

blonde hair, blue eyes

originally from Carlisle Ohio”

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Anonymous asked: i honestly think it is your choice if you like serial killers. people shouldn't give you shit for it like if you like someone its your fucking business not theirs??? and this is YOUR blog you can post/reblog whatever YOU want and if people have a problem with kt maybe they should read the terms and conditions of this website k sorry for all the shit u take just letting u know there are some people who will support u and stand up to bullies.


you’re absolutely right and I don’t care what they say. my blog, my rules! get over it haters!

Thank u, I like you!

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Anonymous asked: Landser hören und sich cool fühlen, was? Rechtsrock ist was für Nazi Schweine, bist du das etwa? Echt eine Schande für dieses Land.


Ich höre kein Landser aber Kopf hoch.

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Anonymous asked: you are fucking disgusting, how can you think murderers are hot? they have killed innocent people - children - for no reason other than their own self-absorption, caused pain to so many people, and you want to fuck them? Seek help, or shut the fuck up you crazy cunt


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*invites Jeffrey Dahmer to party because he makes the best finger foods*

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So boring at work, someone has to entertain me please..

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Anonymous asked: Long live Jana


You said it! 

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Anonymous asked: cunt die


omg you’re so cute

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“Spür’ wie dein Herz grad ‘nen Schlag überspringt.” (Casper, Ariel)


Spür’ wie dein Herz grad ‘nen Schlag überspringt.” (Casper, Ariel)

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